Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Birth Story of Baby Clara

When Julie woke me up frantically at 3 a.m., I was a little nervous. A few months into the pregnancy, we decided to have the baby here at the house using a team of midwives. We had recently finished a 41 hour labor run a couple days earlier and everyone was just flat exhausted.

A few minutes after I was awake, the first midwife was already here. Couple minutes later another midwife arrived and Julie’s pain started gaining so she moved to the birthing tub we’ve had setup in our sunroom for a month. Within 3 minutes in the soothing tub her water broke and the head immediately dropped. I jumped in the tub and could feel baby Clara’s full head of hair. With perfect instructions from the midwives on when to push and not to push, about 10 minutes later Clara Jewel Enlow eased out. I brought her out of the water and handed her to Julie. She was a whopping 9.2 pounds.

With Noah and Libby we had hospital births and I took photos during the birth. Being at home I had the opportunity to play an active roll. Helping Julie bring Clara into this world is by far one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. Words can not describe it.

As I look back on the situation, I would not have wanted to change a thing. Having Clara at home with such a supportive family and stellar midwives was one of the smartest things Julie and I have done to date. We were tired of the system. We didn’t want to feel like cows standing in a germ filled line waiting for tons of paperwork while the insurance dictated healthcare procedures. Our new daughter was going to get the best birth we thought was possible.

Midwives don’t work for everyone, but they worked for us because a couple of reasons. First, Julie and Baby Clara were very healthy and had no signs of complications. Second, we had the most talented midwives we could even imagine. Their knowledge, patience, understanding and methods were incredible. Third, Cook Children’s Hospital is only a short drive from the house had an emergency arrived.

Thanks to all our family and friends for their gracious support. Photos by Jeremy Enlow and Ahna Hubnik. We are truly blessed.


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Oh Jeremy, what a special bond you will have with Clara. Some fathers deliver their child by chance or providence, but to choose is special.