Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ace Assistant

According to an online survey by Dallas Business Journal 12% of people agree it's okay to bring your child to work if they are quiet and aren't ill. That means out of the 672 folks who answered 88% agree they agree you can take your child to work only if it's an emergency only or never should be able to. So last night I brought my son to Dallas Presbyterian Hospital for a photo shoot of a group of doctors. Turns out he could get the doctors to smile and loosen up much better than I could. He is the new secret weapon! Below are a couple of images he shot and then the reward afterwards--Sonic ice cream.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Guys weekend April 10

Had a fun guy trip this weekend in Gorman, TX . Bucket item list completed. Called up three gobblers to within 10 yards and took two gobblers. Beards measured 10.5 and 10 inches and spurs were both 1.25 inches. Always had good shots last couple of seasons at turkey with a shotgun but kept missing. This year I switched from extra full choke to improved cylinder. Think that helped. Guys with me in the photos are Will Rushing and Jeremy Singleton. Dog is boss.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Noah enters TBall

Noah, my son who just turned 5, is really enjoying playing Tball this year. These images are from last night's game. We are lucky as we have really good coaches. They don't take the game too serious and priority numero uno is to have fun. Most of the parents behave themselves as well. Ben, one of Noah's church friends, is also on the team which makes it more fun of course..and for the parents during the "slow" times.