Monday, August 8, 2011

Is it possible to find cool relief in August.....Yes!

Been in Cloudcroft, New Mexico last week or so. Celebrating Julie’s birthday and enjoying the nice weather. Staying at Julie’s parents cabin with one of the best views I’ve ever seen from a porch. This is the way to spend record temperatures in Texas.

Top 10 list of what it’s like to be in the mountains right now instead of Texas

10. Sipping on hot tea instead of ice tea.
9. Having to shut some windows at night to remove the chill.
8. Actually enjoying soup for lunch.
7. Sleeping with at least 3 blankets.
6. Temperature warmed up to 76 one day and it actually felt hot for a little bit.
5. Having trouble making sun tea because of rain.
4. Walking down the street soaked in a cool rain instead of sweat.
3. Fishing in the middle of a spring fed river that feels like walking thru the snow naked.
2. Walmart truly is the one stop shop with aisles of liquor next to the dairy aisle.
1. Driving in the jeep with the top down, wearing coats and the heater on full blast and the kid’s teeth are still chattering.

Photo above is one Noah shot of us in a freezing cold waterfall on the spring fed Rio Penasco river on the Runyan Ranch near Mayill, New Mexico. Joined the Mesilla Valley Flyfishers who have secured nearly 2 miles of fishing access on the Rio Penasco.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Missle Range

Wasn't expecting to see anything interesting while driving thru this area today. About 5 miles from this sign an unmanned drone flew right over our car. Those things are much bigger than I imagined.