Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kitchen Remodel at home

Jan. and Feb. is usually my slowest months of photography work.  So during this time off Julie and I decided to spruce up our kitchen.  It was either going to be a success or a disaster.

We liked the cabinet stain and floor tile the previous owner had.  That's about it.  At first we liked this lime green paint but after a couple of months it became an eyesore and wondered why on Earth we picked a lime green snot paint.  So new paint here we come.

The kitchen had florescent light above that was just like sitting in a doctors's office.  So down that came and we put new recessed LED lights in.  Surprisingly I never shocked myself or had an electrical fire. Then came the countertops and sink.

We picked out a slab from the mountains in Brazil.  Too bad we couldn't actually take a vacation to Brazil to pick it out.  We settled for  the ghetto industrial area of Irving.

New Faucets were put in along with a tile backsplash.  I was worried I might not hook the plumbing up correctly and wake up one morning with a lake in the house.

Under cabinet LED lights and new vent a hood along with new art finished it off.  Amazingly everything worked the first time I hit the switch.

Julie and I hadn't really had any experience in doing any of this.  We just figured it out.  The only thing we didn't do ourselves was cut the granite and install the granite.

We could only cut the tile for the backsplash after the kids went to bed for safety reasons with a wet tile saw.  So we started at 7 p.m. and finished that part at 3 a.m.  I'm sure our neighbors loved us for that.  Working a wet tile saw at night for the first time was an experience.  I literally woke up the next morning and was shocked I still had all 10 fingers.

Photographing so many wonderful homes I kinda had an idea how to make it look.  I didn't really have the knowledge to do it.  What I did have was plenty of time to figure it out and learn along with a wife who is much more engineered minded than me.  We made a good team.

Also it was a good experience to work on something and then photograph it.  When I photograph for builders I try to compose and light images to make the image as inviting and realistic as possible.  I want to make the reader feel like they are in that room.  Well when I first started photographing the kitchen after completion I kept getting hot highlights on the backsplash.  I wanted to tone it down because that backsplash was very expensive and labor intensive.  But to the reader the backsplash is not that important.  So the whole process was a good learning experience for me.

So next up the kid's bathrooms?  Don't know about that.  Might have to call the professionals in for that.

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